Design Optimization of Small Wind Turbines

In collaboration with the Engineering Department of Lancaster University, we looking for a motivated graduate student for a 9/12 months project on “DESIGN OPTIMIZATION OF SMALL WIND TURBINES”.

Project Aims and Objective

This research and development project focuses on the design optimization of an operational horizontal axis wind turbine.

The project starts from the Navier-Stokes COSA code developed by Dr. Campobasso’s group and extensively validated for horizontal and vertical axis wind turbine flows, including the stall regulated NREL Phase VI turbine, which presents major similarities to the turbine considered in this project. The work will use state-of-the-art optimization tools to steer the high-fidelity CFD analyses towards an optimal design solution. Large supercomputing resources for the work, and the effect of manufacturing and assembly tolerances will also be incorporated in the analyses. The project is in collaboration with a leading company developing and commercializing wind turbines.

The project duration is 9 months and can be extended to 12 months, the researcher will be based at the Engineering Department of Lancaster University, and a bursary to cover accommodation and sustenance costs is available. Project review meetings in Glasgow will take place and all costs of the appointed researcher for attending these meetings are covered by the project funds.



Bachelor or Master degree in mechanical or aerospace engineering


Candidates should have a good background or track record in turbomachinery or open rotor fluid mechanics, experience with using CFD systems, some Python or MATLAB or FORTRAN skills.

Starting date

September 2017

Student eligibility

UK and EU graduate students.


For further detail, please contact directly Dr. M. Sergio Campobasso at