EUROPT – The Continuous Optimization Working Group of EURO

Dr Edmondo Minisci, director of ICELab, was seating in the managing board of EUROPT – The Continuous Optimization Working Group of EURO from July 2016 to July 2018, and currently is the General Chair of the EUROPT 2019 Workshop.

The goal of EUROPT is to promote and to facilitate communication links among  European (and other) researchers working in areas of continuous optimization.

 EUROPT Objectives:

  • to disseminate state-of-the-art knowledge and to support research in continuous optimization
  • to contribute to the education of young optimization researchers and students (organizing EURO Summer and Winter Institutes, and by announcing Ph.D. Programs etc.)
  • to assist in gathering the continuous optimization community in Europe organized under the umbrella of EURO
  • to build and maintain links with special interest groups inside and outside EURO
  • to support the foundation of new EURO working groups
  • to support preparation, refereeing and editing of publications
  • to establish regular information channels and regular meetings
  • to build links to users of continuous optimization methodology
  • to involve industrial organizations and users of optimization in the activities listed above
  • to initiate interdisciplinary research with colleagues from science, engineering and economy, with continuous optimization being a key technology.
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EUROPT website