ENCORE: the Engineering Complexity Resilience Network+

Prof. Massimiliano Vasile, scientific advisor of ICELab, seats on the management board of the ENCORE+ network.

ENCORE Network+ addresses the Grand Challenge area of Risk and Resilience in Complex Engineered Systems (CES). CES examples include complex products consisting of many interacting components such as gas turbine engines and complex networks such as the UK’s digital, energy and transport networks. We lack a coherent understanding of what unifies the complexity of entities such as jet engines, cities and our national infrastructure, and of what tools we need necessary to manage and build CES that exhibit resilience or quantify the risks inherent in such systems. We shall exploit and synthesise our knowledge of natural and engineered systems, our current theories of complexity and the quantification and management of uncertainty and advanced optimisation techniques in order to develop powerful new tools and new understanding.

ENCORE webpage